Process Re-engineering


Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) involves the business practices of identifying, analysing and improvising the existing business process & systems to optimise the performance and utilisation of vital resources of business i.e. Man, Machine, Material, Infrastructure, Capital, etc. to enhance the experiences of customers.

The main objectives of BPR are;

  • Manufacturing Division Strategy
  • Setting up manufacturing division
  • Reducing waste
  • Cost Control
  • Minimizing Errors
  • Increasing delivery performance
  • Streamline Efficiency
  • Diminish Risks
  • Standardising Operations
  • Supply Chain Management

Following are the methodologies we implement for excellence in manufacturing processes which helps organisations visually map out workflows;

  1. Kaizen
  2. 5S
  3. PDCA 
  4. GAMBA
  5. TQM
  6. Process Mapping
  7. TPM 

and many more.....